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From festive bath bombs to seasonally-scented soaps, our christmas collection are the perfect gifts.

marvellous multi box

THE PERFECT FEEL GOOD SURPRISE (OR choose your own with PICK-and-MIx) 

This isn't just any box of soaps; this is Jayne's Marvellous Multi-Box - or as we like to think of it, your chance to enjoy 4 gorgeous, handmade, handpicked bars for a lovely little surprise.


Simply choose whether you want 4 soaps or 3 soaps and a shampoo bar and we'll surprise you with our favourite fragrances and you'll save yourself £3.50 per box.

Want to pick your own soap, shampoo or facial bars? Choose from our Pick-and-Mix box and still make savings.

With minimal, compostable packaging to reduce waste, you'll be helping our lovely planet too. 

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Our favoUrites

VEGAN-FRIENDLY cleansing bars

Our handmade soaps are made with the most delicious and soothing ingredients found in nature's pantry. Soaps that smell as good as they feel. And they're vegan-friendly too.
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Nature's essence SOY WAX Candles

Our all natural soy wax candles are  fragranced with nature's most dreamy scents, smells and essential oils.

Naturally Simple

We don't just handmake soap that will make you fall in love at first lather, we make happy soapers at our soap making workshops. Whether you want to choose your own fragrance, experience something new or treat a friend, this is the gift that just keeps giving. 

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"Lovely to meet the Kentish Soap team at their amazing workshop. Wonderfully friendly ladies and very informative. So glad I went."

Suzanne Crawley, Canterbury