Lambing Weekend at Hadlow

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

So last weekend we did our first event of the year; Lambing Weekend at Hadlow College.

What you probably don't know is that this was my college where I studied animal management for 2 years. The second I arrived with mum and we got out of the car, ready to set the stall up, the noise of the lambs and ewes baa-ing surrounded us and the nostalgic memories of my college days came back. Some would think the sound was too loud and maybe even annoying but to me it was a soothing background noise that reminded me of the excitement and fascination my fellow students and I felt when getting to work with the ewes and lambs first hand. How lucky am I to have studied in such a place?! However today I wasn't here for the ewes and lambs but to work on The Kentish Soap Company's stall.

We set our stall up in the Produced in Kent marquee (as we're new members!) and began our day. The other stalls in the marquee were all incredible in different ways. There were so many lovely stalls like hand-grown and dried chillies, beautifully crafted pottery, locally baked goods, different flavoured fluffy marshmallows and lots of other amazing things. Luckily for me I had left my purse at home so I wasn't tempted to purchase everything in there! Although my mum did buy me a Nutella croissant/muffin which was AMAZING and gratefully appreciated!

The whole weekend was such a lovely experience and being able to walk around the animal unit to see all the adorable animals there was a dream come true for an animal lover like me. There was even bird displays, tractor games, climbing walls and pottery painting around the site. We were told by excited guests when they had seen new lambs being born and there was a live recording of the births on a large screen just outside the lambing shed.

What a perfect way to spend mother's day weekend! We had a great time and I would definitely recommend this event to anyone looking for an incredible day out! Unfortunately you'll have to wait till next year though as it is an annual event.

Wishing all the mother's out there a happy belated mother's day! I hope you all had an amazing weekend too!

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