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Our Fabulous Facial Bars!

They're here! After many requests and a lot of experimenting to find the perfect blend of oils, we have finally created the perfect facial bars. No more washing your face with artificial chemicals. It is time to give yourself a little TLC with these soothing, essential oil scented bars.

Our not-so-secret ingredient in these little beauties is Rose Hip Oil, which helps to naturally regenerate and nourish your skin. I know, sounds great right! Available in 2 options we have facial bars to suit all kinds of skin types. To help you pick the perfect one for you here’s a summary of both options…

Our Rose Clay Facial Bar- Handcrafted with love using Rose Clay; known for its healing powers, this wonderful ingredient gently exfoliates your skin to help draw out all those unwanted impurities. But the goodness doesn’t stop there… we scented this bar with Rose Geranium and Frankincense essential oil, meaning this bar also has the power to balance, heal and rejuvenate your skin too! The perfect bar to use for anyone with normal to dry/ageing skin.

Our Charcoal Facial Bars- These beautiful jet-black bars are handmade using Activated Charcoal making them perfect for oily, combination and blemish-prone skin. The Charcoal gets to work to draw out impurities, absorb excessive moisture and battle clogged pores with every wash, helping to prevent breakouts. Scented with Tea Tree and Bergamot these bars are also anti-bacterial and soothing.

So, there you have it. Just make sure not to get any near your eyes as it may sting. Our 2 brand-spanking-new Facial Bars are now available on our website at

Here’s a helpful tip: to remove your eye makeup use a little bit of coconut oil and a clean (preferably reusable) cotton pad.

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