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Simple Ways We're Cutting Down On Plastic

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

So you may have noticed in recent months people are becoming more aware of the dangers of plastic polluting the ocean. I first became properly aware of how serious the issue was thanks to (my personal hero) Sir David Attenborough when watching the BBC series "Blue Planet II", where he explained that an estimate of 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. That was when I started becoming aware of the amount of plastic that I was in contact with or surrounded by everywhere, no matter where I went. I decided that even if I couldn't cut out plastic all together it would be easy to cut out a lot of it from my life.

Within The Kentish Soap Company we were already fairly eco-friendly. For example all our shipping packaging is either recycled, reused or bio-degradable. However we realised that there was more that we could do so here are our changes so far:

1) We have introduced a recycling system in our workshop to help us recycle more of our waste.

2) We have changed the plastic bottles that were used for our liquid hand and body wash to glass bottles (although we're still working on alternatives for the plastic pump).

3) We have changed our reed diffuser bottles and box packaging, therefore allowing us to use wood and cork toppers instead of plastic ones on the bottles and to use recycled boxes. Although they are now smaller and cheaper than our old ones they still have the same 100ml content.

And here are our plans for the near future:

1) We plan to swap out our current candle lids that have clear plastic lids for full metal lids.

2) We will soon be introducing refills for our solid hand cream bars that will be fully wrapped in paper and will allow the metal pots to be reused.

Although these may only be small changes I am proud to work for a company so keen to change and help towards a better future. If you have an idea on how we could cut down on plastic within the company or just for me in my personal life please feel free to let me know via

Keep an eye out for new blog posts coming soon!

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