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It's a family thing


Role: Founder of The Kentish Soap Co / Mum

Been a Happy Soaper since: 2006

Why did you start making soap: For personal use because, well, I was concerned about what was being used in off-the-shelf-products.

Where did it all begin: In our kitchen at home, and then it became so popular I moved into a dedicated workshop in the garden, and even then it spilled into our son’s bedroom as soon as he left home.

Who else on your sud-soaked team: I have the best team on earth. There's my husband, John, my daughter, Emma, and all those amazing - amazing - people that keep buying our handmade bath goodies. That's my team, right there.

What's the secret to your success: Oh, that's easy: honesty. We make everything ourselves so that we know exactly what goes in to them. They're all made in our workshop, by the three of us, and we do that so we can ensure there are no nasties, no plastics whatsoever, nothing that will harm our amazing planet and know that everything is vegan-perfect.

Favourite product: The workshops. I know they aren't actually a product, but I love showing people how to make their own all-natural soaps. Nothing beats being in a room full of new smiles & fresh scents. Nothing. That or our Oatmeal Soap.

What do you want the future to look like: I would love it to look as though we love our planet. All of us. I would love people to go plastic-free (even if it's just a little bit), bigger companies to refuse palm oil like we have, vegan-friendly products to become mainstream, more brands to celebrate honesty, people to show themselves a little more self-love and for us all to make a collective effort to look after our world a little more. Oh, and to release all-natural shampoo bars.

Dad and  Daughter


Roles: We're Mum's biggest cheerleaders, helping her in anyway we can - in the workshop, at events, shows, anything and everything.

Been Happy Soapers since: 2018

What did you do before soaping: [Emma] I worked a lot with animals, and was even an entertainer at a farm park for a while. [John] And I did things to do with IT and the financial services for 30 years, which never smelled as good as work does now.

What are your favourite products: [Emma] The Blissful body butter; I'm in love with that scent. It's warm and refreshing. [John] The gardener's scrub. Who knew strawberry seeds were so good at exfoliating?!

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